World Plan

The world is at a precipice of major global change, with it shall come a period of intense and deep global reflection upon how the world has arrived where it is and the dark path that she is on. At that time many will question the collective global leadership that has tied the world to a single collective path headed downwards to an abyss that gives the most powerful people in the world more power and control and leaves the people with ever fewer liberties. Lemallah has a different plan for the world based in reason, an alternative path with a hopeful future. We have announced to the People of Jerusalem on January 08, 2010 that we intend on restoring the Kingdom of David and providing an alternative world system with security and freedom for all. The global governance would be the reestablished Kingdom of David. The re-establishment of the Throne of David will have global acceptance and allegiance enabling a parallel global political, economic and military alliance based upon accepted historic truths. The value and preciousness of Jerusalem to Christians, Jews and Muslims is understood, the renewed global importance will endear it to many more people, and the value of the materials of the Holy Land will also be recognized and sought after, and demand will grow in the next generation for a piece of the Holy Land. Governments serve the people by providing basic needs and services such as security to protect individuals enabling them to live a life free from the constant worry of attack. A Judicial system in order to settle disputes, an economic structure with currency enabling the expansion of wealth. These are the most essential components for a global structural alliance of nations. Founded after World War II to replace the failed League of Nations, The United Nations was established to stop wars between countries, and to provide a platform for dialogue. Cut from the same cloth, the United Nations has not brought the world closer to world peace, freedom or prosperity. The UN global structure for world security is MAD, an acronym for “Mutually Assured Destruction” This policy translates into placing the whole world on a global nuclear ‘hair trigger’ The world as a result is less secure as this policy does not take into account the beliefs of such people as the Iranian Leaders, known as the “twelvers” who believe that by setting the world ablaze in a huge war with their enemies will trigger the coming of their promised messiah or savior. The accepted global currency is based on nothing and backed by promises from bankers and politicians. The global wealth expectancy for the first time in modern times is expected to drop for the next generation as this generation is living on their borrowed money as wealth expansion has slowed and is actually negative when population adjustments are made. After world war two a family of four could live good on one income, own a house, a car and live a middle class life. It is a struggle now to accomplish this on two incomes and things are not getting better. Governments are borrowing their own printed money and cracks in the entire global economic system are beginning to appear which could result in a sudden and massive currency meltdown as happened in the Weimar Republic after world war one, it took a wheel barrow full of cash to buy one loaf of bread, soon it was just swept away and thrown in the trash as worthless paper. The Judicial system in place such as the World Trade Organization and other judicial bodies work for corporations and bankers. It is a system that works for the good of money at the expense of nations and people.

Jerusalem Plan

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Jerusalem is naturally and Spiritually a world center. The Human race is a race of feeling people who think, not thinking people who feel, as such we shall guide humanity with a feeling that comes from the heart of the world and into your heart, a truth that will shine brightly so that those around you shall also experience it, be filled by it and share the light with others until the whole world is engulfed by the Light of Truth and Love emanating from Jerusalem.

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LEMALLAH believes all governments should serve its people and not the other way
around. Israel should be and behave as a servant government that responds to the
needs of the people without treating us like children. The condescending
attitude of government and bureaucracy towards its people must change and such
change must come from the top down to be effective


LEMALLAH will be composed of a broad based coalition of Social, Ethnic, Business and Religious institutions with the family at its center. The LEMALLAH movement will encourage the involvement of representatives from the Russian, Ethiopian, Arab, Ashkenazim Anglo, French, Sephardi and Religious communities.