I Support the Right of All Born Jews to Live in Israel regardless of belief

The Law of Return also known as the Right of Return is the basis for the founding of the State of Israel and the most sacred law in Israel. Now in recent years that most basic law which defines Israel as a Jewish State is under assault. The right of return of Palestinian refugees is the biggest contention in the peace process because it undermines the Jewishness of the state and makes Jews a minority. What the State of Israel is doing now is undermining the entire argument by redefining what a Jew is and excluding true children of Abraham with the blood of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob in their veins and they are replacing these true Jews with non-jews, flooding the country with thousands of people from all over the world. We the Undersigned support the right of any blood Jew to live in Israel without regard to thought or belief. The enimies of the Jews do not care what a Jew thinks and thus the State of Israel must protect all Jews from the enemies of Jews