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Benjamin Netanyahu A Prime Minister that will live in Infamy

Of all the Israeli Prime Ministers of Israel that come to mind, Benjamin Netanyahu is thought of as strong and commanding. In contrast the former Prime minister Ehud Olmert is probably looked at as one of the weakest and most inept of leaders. The truth is while Benjamin Netanyahu has built his political career on talking tough he has proven himself to be the weakest, most inept prime minister in Israel's history.In the face of an existential threat from Iraq in 1981 Prime Minister Menachem Begin became the first world leader to ever bomb a nuclear facility. "The atomic bombs which that reactor was capable of producing whether from enriched uranium or from plutonium, would be of the Hiroshima size. Thus a mortal danger to the people of Israel progressively arose." explained Israel in a statement.
While Israel was criticized by the world for this unilateral military act no doubt the world looks upon this action by Israel much more favorably 10 years later when America repeled a non-nuclear Iraq from Kuwait. Clearly Israel did the right thing as over a dozen skud missiles were fired into Tel Aviv Israel and no one was killed. What if Sadam Hussein had nuclear weapons because Menachem Begin failed to act?

Thankfully we do not have to answer that question about yesterday, yet disconcerting as it may be, we must ask this question today about Iran. In September 2007 Ehud Olmert became the second Israeli and world leader ever to step up to a nuclear threat as did Begin and as Begin was criticized for Israeli's unilateral action to destroy the nuclear power plant in Iraq, so was Olmert widely criticized for Israeli's unilateral action to bomb the nuclear facility of Syria before it went online.

No Crack Down on Graffiti Raises Calls to Step Down for Chief of Police Dudi Cohen

May 11th 2010, Dateline Jerusalem. After pleading with the Chief of Police's office to do something about the rampant graffiti all over the country, the "we don't take it seriously" response from Chief of Police Dudi Cohen has lead to calls for his immediate resignation by the Jerusalem based citizens group "Lemallah" which translates to "Upwards" in English.

Jerusalem is the Holy City to the world and it is under attack. The quaint charm and ambiance of Jerusalem is being increasingly marred before our very eyes by a criminal network of graffiti vandals that are using the same negative stencils and artwork that are demoralizing in their content and intent. Graffiti is being used by a powerful organization called the Freemasons who are obsessed with controlling identity symbols, city planning and public spaces. Graffiti in Israel is being used for the purposes of psychological warfare against the population. The enemies of Israel are not only without but also within. This is creating a sense of disorder, lawlessness and unease among the population while sending the wrong message to criminals. The Chief law enforcement officer of Israel Dudi Cohen head of the entire police force of Israel has now made himself and his office the Chief obstacle to stemming the increase in crime and violence in the country which has risen sharply during his watch and now this latest performance from his office means he must go. A letter was sent from Lemallah organization which detailed to the Chief of Police Dudi Cohen the severity of the situation. That graffiti vandalism was causing millions of dollars in damage in public and private property while contributing to the increase in violence against women, children and the police who respond to such calls. I would not have believed the response I got from Dudi Cohen's office except that I listened to the recording 5 times and pinched myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming.

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