Benjamin Netanyahu A Prime Minister that will live in Infamy

Of all the Israeli Prime Ministers of Israel that come to mind, Benjamin Netanyahu is thought of as strong and commanding. In contrast the former Prime minister Ehud Olmert is probably looked at as one of the weakest and most inept of leaders. The truth is while Benjamin Netanyahu has built his political career on talking tough he has proven himself to be the weakest, most inept prime minister in Israel's history.In the face of an existential threat from Iraq in 1981 Prime Minister Menachem Begin became the first world leader to ever bomb a nuclear facility. "The atomic bombs which that reactor was capable of producing whether from enriched uranium or from plutonium, would be of the Hiroshima size. Thus a mortal danger to the people of Israel progressively arose." explained Israel in a statement.
While Israel was criticized by the world for this unilateral military act no doubt the world looks upon this action by Israel much more favorably 10 years later when America repeled a non-nuclear Iraq from Kuwait. Clearly Israel did the right thing as over a dozen skud missiles were fired into Tel Aviv Israel and no one was killed. What if Sadam Hussein had nuclear weapons because Menachem Begin failed to act?

Thankfully we do not have to answer that question about yesterday, yet disconcerting as it may be, we must ask this question today about Iran. In September 2007 Ehud Olmert became the second Israeli and world leader ever to step up to a nuclear threat as did Begin and as Begin was criticized for Israeli's unilateral action to destroy the nuclear power plant in Iraq, so was Olmert widely criticized for Israeli's unilateral action to bomb the nuclear facility of Syria before it went online.

The threat facing Israel by Iran's nuclear ambitions makes all the other threats pale in comparison. This is widely known and constantly spoken about surprisingly by the man who was elected to do something about it has watched Iran gain a nuclear capability under the leadership of Benjamin Netanyahu. Preparations for bombing Iran's nuclear plant had already been done by Olmert with a mock bombing run by the Israeli air force complete with successful in-flight refueling maneuvers demonstrating that Israel can take out Iran's nuclear facility. Iran in a arrogant display mocked Israel and the world by unveiling its new super cruise missile capable of reaching Israel and carrying three cruise missiles which can be tipped with a small nuclear device. One day before the fueling of the nuclear power plant at Bushier, Iran test fired a missile in a display of force, all these were more warnings that Benjamin Netanyahu chose to ignore. What will become of the leaders of Israel if we must face a nuclear Iran in a war? What will they tell the people if a nuclear weapon is launched against Israel? Will Benjamin Netanyahu claim he could not act?, That it would only slow them down? That the USA was not on board? Will any of these excuses be acceptable in the face of such a calamity? I suspect that Benjamin Netanyahu will face Justice for his malfeasance of his number one job and that is the security of Israel, he has by action and by his announcement relegated protection of Israel to Obama as he stated in his policy speech at Bar Ilan University, that "Israel depends upon America for protection" No Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu, we depend upon God and the fine military capability that he has given us to use when needed and now Israel is closer to having to declare a New Holiday, a modern day Purim where God must step in to do what the leaders of Israel have failed to do and that is to stop the New arch enemy of the Jewish people personified in Ahmadenajed the Iranian President. When the world fils to act everyone should look to answers and action from above, such as the unprecedented fires in Russia, or the unprecedented floods in Pakistan, the two countries in biggest support of Iran's nuclear technology.