Jerusalem’s Sculpture Committee Riding the Eye of a Corruption Tornado


December 28, 2009- Jerusalem The fresh new faces at Jerusalem’s City Hall now face fresh new accusations of corruption and conspiracy to thwart the most popularly supported art monument in Jerusalem’s history. The Peace Dome at Zion Square, all the while channeling millions of shekels in public funds to hand picked “insider” art projects that the public doesn’t want and is even adamantly against, such as the Red Wall, planned for Davidka Sq and killed by Lemallah citizens group founded by Yosef Yom Tov Jerusalem – December 20, 2009 after three years of lies, stonewalling and game playing by this and the previous administration, Yosef Yomtov, a builder and artist walked into the round tabled meeting room of the “Sculpture Committee, on the sixth floor of the Main building at City Hall. The meeting was chaired by Naomi Tsur, former head of SPNI (Society to Protect Nature in Israel) sitting to her immediate left was Chief Architect Ofer Manor, whispering in her ear, The “fix” was in, The projector “mysteriously” stopped working,  “you have five minutes” were the first words out of Naomi’s mouth to Yomtov and the Peoples Project. Leora Elle operating the projector and running the meeting shamfully allowed herself to be used by the Freemasons controlling the Public Art.   October 2007 - Prior to Naomi Tsur being appointment to Nir Barkat’s political list for Mayor, Naomi and Yomtov had several meetings over a year ago regarding the future of Zion Square. At that time Naomi assured Yomtov that the SPNI is also concerned with the urban environment and therefore Zion Square was of importance to the organization.

Naomi was very appreciative to be shown for the first time the City’s heretofore secret art project planned for Zion Square, her immediate reaction was this is “urban pollution” aghast at what she saw, she then accused Yom tov of being part of the “cover-up” for not revealing this sooner, Yomtov assured her that he went to the press, met with the City Neighborhood planning commissions and the downtown business association prior to meeting with her and only now had the resources to contact her. With that assurance Naomi rolled up her sleeves and involved the entire organization and the larger steering committee of the SPNI

which consists of several local citizens groups. Naomi introduced Yomtov and his then Public Relations person, Orly Asia, to SPNI’s full quarterly meeting and weeks later to the full steering committee where Yomtov exposed the City’s sculpture “monstrosity” planed for Zion Square and presenting his handmade, Peace Dome scale models and a Hollywood quality 3-D animation. Convinced of the importance it was agreed at both meetings that the future of Zion Square should be made part of the Mayoral debates hosted by SPNI. The first meeting Yomtov and Orly had with Naomi when Yomtov exposed the city’s plans her second reaction was to involve Nir Barkat, who was then City Council member of the opposition party. Yomtov informed her that he had written several letters to his office without any positive results, she appeared mystified that Nir would not interest himself with the most important square in Jerusalem and said she would contact him 2007 – Nir Barkat announces his candidacy for Mayor and Naomi is chosen to be second on the list in another successful move by the City Insiders to create a conflict of interest in order to stymie the Peoples Project, effectively shutting up one of the most powerful voices calling for public openness and input for the future of Zion Square. This tactic was 100% successful with Orly Asia and now with Naomi with an apparent “Sell Out” of her organization, their steering committee and her reputation as an independent voice for people of Jerusalem. 2006 - Orly Asia Public Relations firm was started by Orly Asia after being encouraged by Yomtov to start her own business. Yomtov became her first client and hired her to represent the Peace Dome to the City of Jerusalem. During these communications in a successful attempt to create a conflict of interest and stymie the “People’s Project” the City Leaders, hired Orly Asia to do PR work for them. The People’s Project” suffered tremendously with agreed upon work never being done, effectively stalling the People’s Project” until this conflict of interest was discovered by Yomtov which Orly admitted after Yomtov confronted her. Realizing the city had “bought off” his PR firm Yomtov summarily fired Orly Asia.   Going back on committee agreements she effectively shut out debate on the most popularly supported monument in Jerusalem’s history. The matter was never brought up in the debates and when Yomtov pleaded with her she said “it was out of her hands” surprised, Yomtov at a Barkat campaign meeting, warned her of the appearance of public conflict of interest, she assured Yomtov that with the New administration things would be different and the people’s will would be done.  

Not feeling reassured Yomtov continued to press the matter with Barkat’s office and received a letter from Naomi Tsur in September 2008, which she wrote; “First, it is admirable that Yossi discovered the misconduct of the municipal committees concerning the due process for approval of statues and sculptures. The monstrosity planned with Amedi's help is not an option for Zion Square. The proposed Peace Dome must also be approved, and in a new municipal administration would be presented to the wider public for their response.”   She was responding to copy of a letter from Nir Barkat’s public affairs officer, Roey Perlstein-Dvir who in a letter responding to Yomtov wrote; “As to the problems with the municipal committee, we can sadly agree with you - the way that all municipal committees are managed is a disgrace. However, it is a matter of the Mayor's discretion, and thus cannot be changed before the leadership of the city is replaced. This policy, I can assure you, will be one of the first to be tossed out of the window once Nir is elected.” This all began for Yomtov in early 2006 after taking a picture of Zion Square from atop the bank Hapoalim Building. When Yomtov developed the pictures what was revealed was shocking to him; secreted in the stone design of the entire Zion Square is a Satanic Pentagram with a circle around it. Shocked, Yomtov began mobilizing an effort to remove the Pentagram. Spending hundreds of hours investigating the Zion Square redevelopment project Yomtov uncovered and exposed a plan by the Jerusalem Foundation working inside of the City Sculpture Committee to change the name of Zion Square to “Rapaport Plaza” Alarmed at the sinister implications, Yomtov shouted this fact from the rooftops killing the plan as reported in the Jerusalem Post, May 2007. Yomtov then unveiled the sculpture designed by Arad associates in London which the City had kept secret for two years and planned to install it at Zion Square without public disclosure or input. Once the ugly sculpture was exposed by Yomtov to the wider public it was effectively killed, just as was the City’s sculpture Committees misguided plan to put up a Big Red wall in the largest square in Jerusalem, Davidka Square, calling it a “monument” Perhaps both projects are on hold by city insiders awaiting Yomtov’s death? In that project Yomtov accused the City of Corruption and demonstrated how the sculpture committee used lying images of the project and spent thousands of city hours and untold money making a video and doing everything they can to promote and save a project no one wanted, except for the city leaders. Yomtov has obtained video from that meeting proving these accounts. Before ever seeing the Arad Associates sculpture planned by the City, Yomtov believed that to be effective in removing the Satanic Pentagram and stopping what is possibly something more sinister, it was best to offer an alternative project rather than simply being negative.   At that Yomtov began to design a monument that would withstand competition from any project planned by the city or from a wider public competition, what was designed is truly remarkable, a monument to Peace symbolized by a universally accepted design by Muslims, Jews, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists as well as Far East, native American and other cultures. Specifically designed for Zion Square the Peace Dome is an intricately designed open air star dome, measuring 42 meters across and reaching a height of 21 meters and while enormous in scale encompassing the entire square, the monument is graceful in that it does not obstruct the light, or view or the flow of traffic. In fact what is created is truly an inviting, interactive monument that encourages and facilitates public meetings and gatherings at Zion Square. While providing its own dazzling art display that interacts with the natural sun and moon light. and candidates for Knesset. After being promised and lied to by David Suzzana the Head of the Art Council, Naomi Tzur as both SPNI organizer and Deputy Mayor, by Ofer Manor Chief Architect and the Mayor Himself both as City councilman and mayor, and others within city hall, Yomtov and Lemallah have had enough and will expose how democracy is infected within and root out the cancer. Peace Dome Presentation never seen by sculpture committee: