No Crack Down on Graffiti Raises Calls to Step Down for Chief of Police Dudi Cohen

May 11th 2010, Dateline Jerusalem. After pleading with the Chief of Police's office to do something about the rampant graffiti all over the country, the "we don't take it seriously" response from Chief of Police Dudi Cohen has lead to calls for his immediate resignation by the Jerusalem based citizens group "Lemallah" which translates to "Upwards" in English.

Jerusalem is the Holy City to the world and it is under attack. The quaint charm and ambiance of Jerusalem is being increasingly marred before our very eyes by a criminal network of graffiti vandals that are using the same negative stencils and artwork that are demoralizing in their content and intent. Graffiti is being used by a powerful organization called the Freemasons who are obsessed with controlling identity symbols, city planning and public spaces. Graffiti in Israel is being used for the purposes of psychological warfare against the population. The enemies of Israel are not only without but also within. This is creating a sense of disorder, lawlessness and unease among the population while sending the wrong message to criminals. The Chief law enforcement officer of Israel Dudi Cohen head of the entire police force of Israel has now made himself and his office the Chief obstacle to stemming the increase in crime and violence in the country which has risen sharply during his watch and now this latest performance from his office means he must go. A letter was sent from Lemallah organization which detailed to the Chief of Police Dudi Cohen the severity of the situation. That graffiti vandalism was causing millions of dollars in damage in public and private property while contributing to the increase in violence against women, children and the police who respond to such calls. I would not have believed the response I got from Dudi Cohen's office except that I listened to the recording 5 times and pinched myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming.

We call upon the Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to take responsibility for protecting the country both internally and externally and currently one of the biggest threats to the country internally is the sharp increase in violent crime which is a direct result of the neglect evident by the rampant and unchecked graffiti being perpetrated by a pagan cult network steeped in witch craft and satanic worship at its heart and doing it for the very purposes of increasing crime and violence. Mr. Netanyahu I personally commend you on whatever you did right with your son, for him to win a placement on the national Bible quiz is notable and I ask you to ask him what he thinks about the graffiti being placed all over the Holy City of Jerusalem, ask your son "what God thinks of Jerusalem" I know now after reading this many of you will stop reading with the thought, "this is far out" "I want nothing to do with such nonsense" my answer to you is keep reading, watch the videos and observe the world around you. Those in the know' are afraid of revealing the true power behind the scenes lest they be labeled by the media as "loony" for speaking the truth some are afraid, while sadly are happy to sell out to their agenda. Israel is a land where fiction and reality meet, Secret societies such as "Skull and Bones" members go out and control the media, infiltrate governments and become the president of the United States such as George Bush; father and son. Now they are here and they see Jerusalem as their prize to control. The foot soldiers of these secret societies call themselves "Freemasons" They are the successors of the Knights Templar which controlled the Holy City and Temple mount for hundreds of years and were disbanded by the French King and Catholic Church for Satanic worship and ritualistic homosexuality. Their main symbol are two knights on a horse.


Above left: Symbol of the Templar knights.
On the right two Jerusalem Police to be on one iron horse

Their influence can be seen Jerusalem, the police force has "two knights" on an iron horse as a way to declare their power and influence. There is no law enforcement utility to this arrangement it is a waste of resources. They place their satanic symbols everywhere defiling the Holy City today as they did a thousand years ago.


Top is the Star of the Baphomet also known as a Satanic Pentagram placed on the most important square in Jerusalem by the city leaders. Next depicts the Templar Knights worshiping the Baphomet. Baphomet with the pentagram.

New York City was once the "Murder Capitol of the World" Mayor Rudolph Giuliani made cleaning up graffiti the center stone of his successful effort to transform that city. Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg has taken up where Giuliani left off, leading a renewed effort to eradicate graffiti. The Anti-Graffiti Task Force includes participation of all relevant city departments like Parks and Recreation, Consumer Affairs, Police, Fire, Transportation, Sanitation, Cultural Affairs, Environmental Protection, Housing Preservation, the Human Resource Administration, Housing Authority, Landmarks Commission, and Transportation Authority, and ordinary citizens and neighborhood groups. In contrast Mayor of Jerusalem Nir Barkat has watched the city be covered with graffiti vandalism under his watch and confronted about the graffiti by Lemallah Leader Yosef Yomtov who was arrested and spent the night in jail for calling attention to the sheer neglect by the mayor of the precious Holy City of Jerusalem.

Mayor of Jerusalem Nir Barkat has himself has revealed like the Chief of Police Dudi Cohen doesn't get the seriousness of the situation and we are now calling upon Mayor Nir Barkat to mirror the efforts of the Mayor of New York City and get all relevant public entities involved in combating this menace against all the citizens of Jerusalem. Here is a mayoral address by Giuliani and just how different he is from Dudi Cohen
Sunday, February 23, 1997
Good morning. Later today I will be visiting a site on East 116th Street and the FDR Drive, where a building that was once defaced by graffiti vandalism is now graffiti free. This may not sound terribly remarkable, but the diligent removal of graffiti throughout New York City has been a priority that my administration has taken very seriously. And as we work to reduce crime by nearly 40 percent, since 1993, and improve the quality of life for all New Yorkers, we've made cleanliness and graffiti removal two very important components of our efforts. Graffiti creates an impression of disorder and of lawlessness. A city tainted by vandalism invites more vandalism and more serious crime because it sends the message that the city doesn't care and isn't paying attention. In the past, the city has turned a blind eye to this very serious problem that turns public spaces into threatening and menacing areas. However, we've taken the challenge of eliminating graffiti very seriously. In July of 1995, I formed the Mayor's Anti-Graffiti Task Force. For the first time, this task force coordinated all of the agencies and entities that deal with the problem of graffiti, in total 18 different agencies, departments and authorities are involved. Thanks to their efforts -- and yours -- our parks are now nearly graffiti free, with 97 percent of parks rated acceptable for graffiti. And last year, the Department of Transportation cleaned more than 6.5 million square feet of graffiti from our highways and roads. Another part of our anti-graffiti initiative is law enforcement. In the past, virtually no one was arrested for graffiti vandalism, even though graffiti involves, very often, destroying the property of other people. We understand that low level, highly visible crime often breeds more serious crime. So I initiated the Anti-Graffiti Vandal Squad as a specialized unit within the New York City Police Department.
Last year, the Vandal Squad made nearly 190 felony arrests and nearly 1,300 misdemeanor arrests. The task force, the Vandal Squad and the removal of graffiti from locations like the building on East 116th Street are all the kinds of actions that show people that we're serious about eliminating graffiti. And as we continue to remain constantly vigilant in our fight against graffiti vandalism, we all enjoy the improved quality of life, the much lower crime rates and the inviting atmosphere that are the results of our efforts. But everyone has to help to make our city graffiti vandal free. And I urge all New Yorkers to report graffiti in progress to our hotline that operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Calls can be made anonymously and if the information you provide leads to the apprehension, prosecution or conviction of a graffiti vandal, we'll pay a reward of up to $500. The number for the hotline is 212-374-5914. I know much of this is hard to swallow, and yet the only successful way in the end for us to fight them is for all of us to speak the truth together and collectively it will be them who will be exposed for what they are. I would rather be thought crazy than to keep quiet about such evils being perpetrated against our society. I must speak out and risk everything for the truth has a life of it's own and will always find a voice an instrument to bring out the light of truth that will cut through this thick darkness that has enveloped Israel and the world.