Jerusalem Mayor Faces Boisterous Criticism

In an calculated effort to "connect" with his constituency, Mayor of Jerusalem Nir Barkat was confronted by Yosef Yom Tov who made a calculated effort to "connect" with the Mayor. In a public display of boisterous criticism Yom Tov tested the bounds of free speech in Israel and as a result Yomtov was assaulted by the police, arrested, jailed overnight and trumped-up allegations presented to the court.

After receiving an anonymous tip that the mayor had just Sat down at Pinati's, the popular lunch corner on King George St., in a blatant public relations stunt by the mayor, Yom tov decided that he would pull the public relations veil off the mayor and expose what is really going on in the city of Jerusalem under the watch of the new mayor. The city has become more filthy with more garbage on the streets, the graffiti has reached epidemic levels all over the city in every nook and cranny, the polarization between religious, secular, business and city workers, police and civilians have all gone in the wrong direction under Barkat. While Barkat can not be Blamed for all of these things he can be blamed for not putting all the pressure necessary and even taking matters into his own hands to protect Jerusalem. Nir Barkat's planned "Walk of Fame" down the famous Ben Yehuda st. became a "Walk of Shame" with harsh, loud criticism leveled by Yom Tov, at the level of neglect by the City allowing the blight of graffiti to destroy the public ambiance of the Holy City and drawing attention to the unfairness by the Barkat administration's Sculpture committee in dealing with the most popularly supported monument in Jerusalem's history "The Peace Dome" which was put through an unfair process in a highly controlled continuation of the tight control of the public art displays. Following Barkat through his entire walk from King George to Zion Square Yomtov accused Barkat of protecting the Satanic Pentagram that is secreted at Zion Square by the same Sculpture Committee and being part of the conspiracy to funnel millions of shekels in public art monies (see article on art:

According to a source from Maarev Newspaper who interview the Mayor's assistant with him at the time reported that Yom Tov "physically" assaulted the Mayor, an extraordinary lie that not only violates several laws including obstruction of Justice but also in effect giving false testimony a violation of the ten commandments and this man wore a kappa on his head signifying himself as a practicing religious Jew. Lemallah has video evidence much can be seen above but we have evidence of the entire incident proving Yom Tov NEVER touched the Mayor thereby proving a forming conspiracy to finger Yom Tov on false felony charges. Yomtov is accused of planning an attack on the mayor because he had in his possession a chain for a belt and pepper spray. In the past two years Yom Tov has been attacked 5 times, always with more than one person, once two people with bottles, another time 5 teens with sticks, yet another incident Yom Tov was attacked by three youths with stun guns, each time Yom Tov went to the police and the police ignored Yom Tov, twice refusing to even take a complaint!, even after Yomtov provided names, and pictures of some of the perpetrators to this day no one is facing charges for these brutal violent attacks against Yom Tov. Thereby Yom Tov decided to stop being a victim and take self defense into his own hands.

When Yom Tov first approached the Mayor he said in a quiet polite tone, " I have just two questions and I will be on my way" at that Nir Barkat, was dismissive to Yom Tov saying "no" and brushing him away. At that Yom Tov raised his voice in an effort to draw attention to the mayor and the two very important questions on Yom Tov's mind which were, "what is your office going to do about the graffiti and the criminal network of vandals causing the problem? the second question was " what is your office going to do about the city Sculptures Committee's unfair handling of the Peace Dome proposed for Zion Square.