The Secret Plan to change the name of Zion Square to Rapoport Plaza

While the President of Iran Ahmedinajed openly wants to erase Zionism from the face of the earth a secret plot has been uncovered to erase the name of Zion Square from Jerusalem.

The Jerusalem Foundation working together with the Jerusalem Municipality has been very secretive about their plans for the new Zion square design.

Concerned about the secret nature of the process, LEMALLAH
a Citizen Watch group has lead an effort to shed light on this situation and has discovered on the Jerusalem Foundation website an article proclaiming that Zion Square will soon be renamed to Rapoport Plaza.

Inquires regarding the name change of Zion Square have been sent to the Mayor, the Jerusalem Foundation, the Chief Architect office and even
to the former Mayor of Jerusalem, the prime minister of Israel Ehud Olmert.

Astonishingly rather than enthusiastically supporting Zion as we expected, one by one, they were all non-supportive, unresponsive and evasive.

Jerusalem is very significant, regarded as the Holy City. Millions of people both inside and outside of Israel have a strong connection to Jerusalem and to the name Zion.

Jerusalem is NOT the place where the people will allow corrupt politicians and moneyed interests with their secret plans to transform Jerusalem to their vision which does not honor and is even contrary to the traditions history and goals of the Jewish people.

Since Lemallah exposed this sinister plan, we have been successful in stopping it as reported in
the Jerusalem Post. http://lemallah.org/jpost