Below is just a sampling of our accomplishments, we have done many more things not enumerated below and just as important such as meeting with Jerusalem City Council Woman Marsha Nobikoff asking her to support Initiative and referendum in Jerusalem. Lemallah has met with the main taxi company in Jerusalem demanding that the taxis stop using their horns to attract attention to possible fares thereby destroying the ambiance of Jerusalem, we have effectively stopped this practice by down town taxis.

LEMALLAH is the only organization in Israel which has held demonstrations calling for the bombing of Iran's nuclear facility without delay.


Lemallah has designed the "Peace Dome" as a gift to the people of Jerusalem and has now become the most popularly supported monument in Jerusalem's modern history with thousands registering their support by signing out petitions and voicing their support. The leaders of Jerusalem have ignored the will of the people to build the Peace Dome and the battle goes on to transform the government, build the Peace Dome and change the world as it wakes up

LEMALLAH has Restored the color of the Flag of Israel from Dark Blue to it's Original and Beautiful Turquoise.

The enemies of Israel understand the importance of color and by changing the Flag of Isreal to Dark Blue which is the color most associated with SLEEP this is their intention to lull the nation to sleep while leading it slumbering to its demise.

LEMALLAH Saved Zion Square

LEMALLAH first exposed and stopped sinister plan by the city of Jerusalem to change the name of the most important square in Jerusalem from Zion Square to Rappaport plaza. Read More

LEMALLAH stopped an evil art sculpture that would have destroyed the most popular square and meeting place in Jerusalem.

LEMALLAH first to expose the cities plan and killed an evil art installation designed by world renown artist and architect Ron Arad associates. Read More

LEMALLAH Saved Davidka Square

LEMALLAH stopped an evil plan by City of Jerusalem from placing a big red wall in the largest Square in Jerusalem. An eight story high red wall labeled as "art symbolizes division and STOP. Yes we stopped it. Making a youtube video about it, gathering hundreds of signatures from affected business and residents and packing the city meeting and warning the leaders "If this wall goes up it will rise to the shame of this new administration and just like the walls of Jericho and the Berlin wall if this wall goes up it will come down"

LEMALLAH reduces siren levels in Jerusalem

LEMALLAH has pressured Magen David Adom ambulance service to reduce their ambulance sirens and to use them more effectively thereby reducing transit times and saving lives.

Lemallah Exposes Infiltration by an evil secret society: Freemasonry.

LEMALLAH first to expose the infiltration into the government by a secret society known as "Freemasons" who are using their international clout to buy out and control Media Non-profit organizations, politicians and institutions for their evil agenda of promoting their Egyptian gods, symbols and idols all the while perverting Jewish symbols and identity for their ultimate goal of re-controlling the Holy City and temple mount as did their evil predecessors the Knights Templar. Individual Politicians are no match for such an organized society and too often they are more than happy to sell out and go along. We have exposed them in the Lukid Party, Kadima Party even in elements in the Police and military.

LEMALLAH first to expose the Great Synagogue's connection to Freemasonry for the purposes of controlling the election debates regularly held there.

LEMALLAH exposes churches in Jerusalem that have been infiltrated by the secret societies for the purposes of controlling their voice and message so as to make them infective when times of peril are upon us as they did in Nazi Germany when the Churches there stayed silent.

LEMALLAH first to expose the ant-Jewish Nazi like propaganda messages being portrayed in the graffiti being placed all over the country.

LEMALLAH first to expose the problem of graffiti to the Mayor of Jerusalem and was arrested for it.

LEMALLAH was first to call on the Chief of Police Dudi Cohen to investigate the organized and Nazi nature of the graffiti, the Police Chief's lack of response to organized crime and the millions of dollars in damage being done by the graffiti vandalism funded by the same Freemason secret society for the purpose of controlling public spaces with their evil messages designed to confuse, humiliate and psychologically attack the population.


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