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Global Change In Brief


Symbol of Global Revolution

Symbol of Global Revolution

The problems facing Israel today are enormous, threats from external enemies and threats from enemies within. The enemy within is more crafty, a wicked class of insiders controlling the worlds economic, social and political systems.  Israel is not like the rest of the world. Here we can remove the thorn of the secret societies and what will result is unparalleled peace, freedom and prosperity for all of Israel’s citizens.



Freemason Monument in Eilat, Israel

Freemason Monument in Eilat, Israel

"Freemasonry is a global secret society that uses Jews, Muslims and Christians working together to betray their country and religion to do the “dirty work” of the Freemasons to maintain their global control of the worlds monetary and political systems and in the process shackling us in bureaucratic dictatorship while giving us the illusion that we are free since we have a democracy. They have bought all of our politicians; this one group of men controls our media, social and religious institutions. Their control is costing Israel more lives in reduced security while creating for us a Police State that does not work for anyone except them. 




Symbol of the World Wide Kingdom of David

Symbol of the World Wide Kingdom of David

The Kingdom of David is not a single king; it is a governmental system that will provide peace and prosperity for everyone in Israel and a pathway of hope for a lost and broken world. The World Wide Kingdom of David will provide a new global alignment for countries to leave the failed United Nations system and be part of a new social, economic and military order.





The Kingdom of David has the capability of enhancing the hardware of nations aligned with the Kingdom of David by placing in their jets, tanks, ships and missiles, Israeli technology linked to space and air based systems that will integrate into a global security network. The Kingdom of David has the technology to provide a global anti-missile shield to aligned countries providing a security umbrella against any threats from any nation.



world dollar

World Shekel

The currencies of the world are on the brink of collapse, they just worthless paper backed by promises. The Kingdom of David global currency would be based on the hard assets of the Holy Land. It is written in the Bible; “For brass I will bring gold, and for iron I will bring silver, and for wood brass, and for stones iron. This system will be accepted by the world. This will also remove the financial control from the secret societies and make Israel a global economic center that will bring the wealth of the world to Israel; in return they will get economic stability and prosperity.


Freemasons stay in power by keeping us all fighting. Arabs and Jews work well together in places like the Jerusalem farmers market and the police force. The best way to fight the Freemasons, which are the common enemy of Jews and Arabs, is to provide a system of equal respect and opportunity for all of Israel’s citizens, this is exactly what the Kingdom of David will do.



Kingdom of David Global Economic System

Global Monetary System


The assets with intrinsic value able to satisfy the global economic engine without being depleted are also already enumerated thousands of years ago in the Bible which gives it a strong historical foundation of acceptance by over a billion of the worlds population.
It is written “For brass I will bring gold, and for iron I will bring brass, and for wood silver, and for stones iron”
The Kingdom of David global currency would be based on the hard assets of the Holy Land and would be exchangeable for materials that all of the nations posses at the exchange rates enumerated in the Bible.
A global currency alongside the currencies and economic system of the world will be a hedge and a security to nations and individuals.
The global governance would be the reestablished Kingdom of David.

Any global economic system to be perpetually effective must have

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